Quinnipiac Poll: 72% of Republicans say Trump is 'a good role model' for kids

The poll was conducted shortly AFTER the story of Trump’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels broke.

In a poll conducted by Quinnipiac in January of this year, most Americans regardless of race, age or gender agreed that Donald Trump is not a very good role model for children. However, there was one group of people that disagreed with the majority, and they were, you guessed it, the Republicans.

90% of the voters polled thought that it was “important” for the President of the United States to be someone that the children of the nation could look up to, but only those identifying as Republicans thought the current man holding the role fit the bill. 99% of Democratic voters thought that Trump was not a good role model. As far as the gender divide, 67% of males and 68% of females didn’t see the man in the Oval Office as someone kids should aspire to imitate.

The poll was conducted shortly after the story of Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels broke. Although the poll is a few months old and a similar, more recent, study has not been released that we can find, his popularity seems to be rising, at least among his base, regardless of his bad behavior and multiple scandals.

Read more about these radical ideals, “72 percent of Republicans think Trump is 'a good role model for children' written by Kelly O’Meara Morales posted by The Week on January 25, 2018.

He curses in.public ,lies. Decieves, acts as a con artist disrepects women.His actions speak louder than words. Do you think he could preach in a pulpit like that?

Since when did Putin become a God ? You ignorant anti American, FAKE CHRISTIANS, have no idea how powerful God truly is. You will reap what you SOW.

A role model for a fraternity house, perhaps.

If this poll is even remotely accurate it proves one other important thing. Republicans are not good at determining personality characteristics AT ALL. If an entire swath of American voters actually believe that 45 is a 'good role model' it's no wonder we have school massacres. Republican households are completely incapable of determining whether their children are sociopaths or not!!!!!