Pro-Trump cult leader recommends his followers all buy assault rifles

It looks like the "Rod of Iron" Sanctuary Church wants to be prepared for anything. But what could that possibly be?

On February 28 the “Rod of Iron” a pro Trump racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic sect of the Moonies is planning a big ceremony. During the “Cosmic True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity...3rd level” ceremony members with machine guns will receive a “perfection stage blessing.” Pistols and hunting rifles just won’t do according to the press release. P.S. The church owns their own firearms manufacturing company, Kahr Arms, are politically active and big surprise, are far right Republican.

Cult leader "King Hyung Jin proud of using gun." I wouldn't follow this guy into a gas station, much less to my salvation. Photo and caption via Sactuary Church blog

Unless you think this is hyperbole, check out their own words in their press release as they call to form an armed sovereign nation in Pennsylvania; “Sovereignty means that we are able to defend ourselves against an aggressive satanic world... A minimum expression of such sovereignty is a crown and a real gun for defense... like a legal AR15 - a simple hunting or toy gun would not fulfill this substantial purpose.” Hassan, an ex-member and overall cult expert confirms that the level of indoctrination makes this group ideal “brownshirts” for Trump, willing to kill or die without question.

Nothing says romance like a couple of assault rifles. I hate to think about how messy the divorce might be though.Photo via Tumblr

They are political and super pro Trump. On February 24, four days before the ultimate blessing, the Church is holding a “President Trump thank you dinner,” and of course declare him as “God’s Representative.” They’ve also been involved in Paul Mango’s Pennsylvania Governors race pushing homophobic talking points. On a video chat with him, in which the Rod of Iron leader, Hyung Jin Moon, wore a real gold crown, camo gear, and showed off a machine gun they chatted about their homophobia together.

Oh, the romance is really in the air! Let's hope none of them are big Reservoir Dogs fans! Photo via Tumblr

While this story may seem like the extreme most edges of cult brainwashing, the Moonies homophobic and pro armed apocalyptic world views are anything but fringe when one examines Evangelicals as a whole. The hardcore Trumpers have a lot in common with these Moonies.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read: "Anti-LGBT cult leader calls on followers to purchase assault rifles" written by Brendan Joel Kelley for The Southern Poverty Law Center on February 9, 2018.