Prayer in school. Be careful what you wish for. Religious Right.

All the people pushing for prayer in school are only really pushing for Christian prayer in school.

'Tis the season for valedictorian and commencement speeches, right?

So, a follower of Satan was named Valdictorian of his high school. He wanted to evangelize and proselytize for Satan, because he's so grateful Satan helped him be successful and he thinks everyone at his high school should have to listen to the good news about Satan at their public school graduation. The community is up in arms because the school authorities told him he couldn't insert his religion into this mandatory, secular ceremony. After all, there are many people there who don't believe in Satan, or have no interest in a sermon. But hey, it's his faith and he should get to make everyone listen anyway, right?!

WAIT. My bad. Not Satan. Jesus. He just wants to force all the kids and parents there to listen to the good news about Jesus. So it's all good, right? There's separation of church and state for a reason. If you wouldn't be ok with a student spreading the good word about Satan to a captive audience of public school kids at a high school graduation, you shouldn't be ok with it being done about Jesus, either...or you're a hypocrite.

All the people pushing for prayer in school are only really pushing for Christian prayer in school. But if prayer were allowed in schools, they theoretically wouldn't be able to stop other religions from practicing there too, including witchcraft and Satan worship.

Why not? If you want to pray to Buddha, go to a Chinese school. If you want to pray to Mohammed, go to an Islamic school. Want to pray to the one and only God, go to an American public school.

Your ignorance and bigotry are truly astounding. Christianity is an IMPORTED religion. The Americas performed shamanistic ceremonies. If you want to pray to your imaginary sky daddy, go back to the dessert where Christianity was invented, and pray to your hearts content.

Why do I say you're ignorant? Here, follow: Buddah/Buddism, originated in India, not China. Muslims READ the book of Mohammed (The Quran) like Christians are supposed to read the New Testament, and pray to GOD. (Allah is Arabic For God, Elohim is Hebrew for God, and well, God is English for God) I don't believe in either versions, but regardless, the U.S. is not now, nor ever has been a "Christian" nation. Keep your Christian prayers in your churches, or STFU when other religion followers want to also pray in public.

You need to do some investigation of the work done by Lucien Greaves and the Satanic Temple or the FFRF. There have been school boards and governments all over the country that have used taxpayer money to pay the Satanic Temple's legal fees for cases of school prayer. Also, if you want to pray in school there is nothing to stop you from quietly praying to any deity or deities that you want. The line is drawn for prayer at school and state sanctioned activities where you can chose to be all inclusive or have no prayer at all.