Photographer fired after image of Rick Perry hugging coal exec leaked

If you see something say something; whistleblowers are following their oaths to uphold and protect the constitution.

Simon Edelman was a photographer for the Department of Energy, when pay for play he was seeing inspired him to step…

In December, the coal friendly requests from Murray were being proposed as national policy. Edelman decided he needed to, “exercise his first Amendment rights,” and on Dec. 6, he sent the photos to several news outlets. The next day he was placed on leave, and his contract was not renewed. Edelman says a colleague pressured him to delete the offending photos, threatening “we can come to your home and have someone watch you delete it.” Security wouldn’t allow Edelman to retrieve his personal laptop, his own camera equipment, or even the cake his coworkers bought for his 35th birthday. Seriously vindictive.