Philando Castile charity pays off school lunch debt for Minnesota kids

Philando is STILL reaching into his pocket, and helping a kid out," the charity said.

All outstanding lunch debt for 56 public schools in Minnesota [has been paid…

This fills a need that doesn’t seem to get much attention. 70% of the kids in this district qualify for school lunch aid, but the lengthy paperwork and processing time causes families to rack up debt or go hungry while waiting for benefits. Some parents don’t even realize they need to reapply every year, causing more gap time. Philando aka “Mr. Phil” always reached into his own pocket in these situations and paid the $3 a kid needed rather than watch them go without. The charity in his name has an additional $57,000 set aside to cover any such future debt for kids. The charities founder, Mrs. Fergus, a local community college teacher wants to expand the program.