Paul Ryan warns GOP: 'You’ll have subpoenas' if Democrats take over in November

Wow, he finally admitted the truth; they've been covering up for Trump all along.

Paul Ryan had an interesting warning for Republicans at a recent financial conference. Ryan said that if the Democrats were to take the House or the Senate in the upcoming November elections, it would mean:

“...you’ll have gridlock, you’ll have subpoenas.”

Wait. What was that Mr. Ryan? Did you just imply or perhaps confess to something?

Ryan has been running the House as if he is a Trump minion with the sole purpose of protecting his evil overlord from the opposition. He and his party have stopped the release of Trump’s tax returns, have harassed the DOJ into bending to Trump’s will, and have ignored the blatant abuses committed by the Trump family. The House has also turned a blind eye to the extravagant wastes and abused authority within the Trump Cabinet, as well.

So, when Ryan warns of subpoenas should the GOP fall in November, is he admitting to cover-ups happening, of the House protecting the Executive branch from investigation? Is he also promising the cover-ups will continue should the Republicans prevail?

How long do we, the American people, have to continue this charade when our elected officials are practically shouting the fact that they are corrupt from the damn rooftops?

Read more about the Ryan’s warnings, “Paul Ryan Warns If Republicans Lose House, Cover-ups Will End” written by Jonathan Chait and posted by New York Magazine on May 2, 2018