Paul Ryan Hit With a Hailstorm of Backlash For His Tone-Deaf Father's Day Tweet

Twitter asked "How about those dads at the border, Paul?" When he tweeted about how "life-changing" fatherhood can be.

This past Sunday, many Americans around the country celebrated Father’s Day with BBQs and cute throwback photos on social media, and the government officials were no different. However, many of those on twitter found it quite hypocritical for the Republicans in Washington to tweet their Father’s Day sentiments when they are being complicit in the tearing apart of families at the border.

Paul Ryan tweeted a lovely photo of his family in celebration of the day talking about how life-changing becoming a father was for him.

Many twitter users found it a bit tone-deaf, and they let Ryan know exactly how they felt in a few perfectly vicious responses. However, the winning comment goes to Tom McNaught, a "Michigan raised, Boston native."

Although a close runner-up award should go to the singer John Legend. Straight to the point:

And an honorable mention for the lovely Cheryl: