Paul Ryan helped make trillion dollar deficit, and then just peaced the fuck out

Paul "fiscally conservative" Ryan passed budget/tax law that will cause our deficit to skyrocket. And then he quit.

Paul Ryan has long been projecting himself as a budget guy. He likes to think of himself as the responsible one that cares about America’s fiscal future, the one that worries the “debt will weigh down our country like an anchor.” However, his liberal critics never bought into that rap, and they mostly thought Ryan’s real interest was to pass tax cuts that helped the higher earners in our society.

Now Ryan has announced his retirement in the wake of having passes some major tax legislation during a time when the Republicans have total control of the government. So, did he live up to his own hype? Was he fiscally responsible or was does his legacy show him to be as his critics have always suspected?

Well...about that.

Ryan and his Republican buddies have passed a doozy that is projected to put the deficit at over $1 Trillion (yes, that says Trillion) by 2020.

Good looking out, Ry Ry

Read more about Ryan’s fiscal responsibility, “Paul “Mr. Responsible Balanced Budgets Guy” Ryan Created a Trillion-Dollar Deficit and Then Quit written by Ben Mathis-Lilley posted by Slate on April 11, 2018.