Panicked GOP sends Paul Ryan to beg for $30M from Adelson to stop 'Blue Wave'

Paul Ryan gets $30 million for his Republican buddies, but will it be enough to keep the House under GOP control?

Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas Casino tycoon, has written a pretty hefty check to the Congressional Leadership Fund. Adelson’s $30 million is giving hope to the Republican outlooks for the upcoming Election in November.

Paul Ryan and a few of his friends flew out to meet with Adelson at his Venetian Hotel. There to help plead the House Republican’s case were Norm Coleman, Republican Jewish Coalition chair; Corry Bliss, super PAC overseer; and Jake Kastan, one of Ryan’s political aides. Since Ryan is an elected official and can’t ask for such a large political donation, Coleman made the play after Ryan left the room, earning the GOP the seven-figure contribution.

The House Republicans are starting to sweat the upcoming election because of the growing number of Democrat upsets, and that is why they showed up at Adelson’s door with their hands out begging the Vegas benefactor for more than his usual contribution.

But don't become complacent just because the GOP is in a panic. Trump's hopelessly clueless base clearly will not be swayed away from their "Messiah" no matter how many deplorable schemes in which he's implicated. VOTE in November and make sure all of their begging for cash is for naught!

Read more about Adelson’s mega donation, “Sheldon Adelson kicks in $30M to stop Democratic House takeover” Written by Jake Sherman and Alex Isenstadt and posted by Politico on May 10, 2018