PA Supreme Court just slapped down GOP -- new congressional map drawn

The one is actually legal! Imagine that. The GOP just got slapped down by PA court, new congressional map drawn

The GOP is freaking out over the prospect of fairly drawn voting districts in Pennsylvania! Playing fair is terrifying to a party that wins by rigging the system rather than coming up with ideas that most people believe in. In this swing state, this could mean big changes.

The rigging, aka cheating, aka gerrymandering, is a dirty trick used by both parties, but turned into a religion by the GOP. It involves redrawing voting districts to water down the voters you don’t like. In Pennsylvania more Democrat votes were counted in the 2016 election than Republican, but Democrats won only 5 districts and Republicans took 13.

The supreme court in Pennsylvania declared the Republican drawn voting map as unconstitutional due to its denying of “free and equal” elections. The court ordered the GOP to fix the problem prompting one GOP legislator to threaten to impeach their state supreme court. Since the GOP couldn’t and wouldn’t comply, the court drew the map for them. The new map just by eye looks more fair, and by the numbers only splits 13 counties as opposed to the Republican’s map which had split 28. The new map will be in place for the 2018 election.

In a great Twitter thread you can see here, Stephen Wolf explains:

The Republicans are fuming, but after threatening to impeach their own state Supreme Court, then being rejected by Justice Scalia in their appeal to the Supreme Court, they plan to waste their time on a federal court challenge. Cheeto is all for it. Let them run around like angry little toddlers while Democrats prepare their candidates.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

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