Only 16 minutes of news coverage for 16 kids shot in KY school

16 kids were shot in a school shooting and cable news gives only ONE minute of coverage per victim.

On January 23rd, the U.S. suffered it’s 11th school shooting for the year when a 15-year old Kentucky student shot 16 of his fellow students at Marshall County High School. Two of the victims, both only 15 years old, were killed in the rampage. The shooter was taken into custody.

The tragedy was given a minimum of coverage by cable news outlets.

The major networks gave the incident about 16 minutes worth of coverage, and that included headlines and teasers. The majority of the time came from CNN where the story got 10 minutes of air time, next was Fox News discussing the story for 5 minutes.

Sixteen students were shot at a high school, and MSNBC covered the tragedy for ONE MINUTE.

Obviously, there must have been other pressing events that would demand the attention of the major networks, and push the third school shooting in two days to the back burner. So, what did MSN consider the top stories of the day?

• The government shutdown comes to an end

• Mike Pence visited Jordan

• PA congressional districts ruled unlawful


Is serial rapist Bill Cosby performing for the first time in a couple years is a more important story than a school shooting? Perhaps, the top video was published before the shooter opened fire, let’s give the media the benefit of the doubt and check Wednesday’s top stories:

• Judge sentences Olympic team doctor to 125 years

• Trump Aides questioned in Russia probe

• A monkey is cloned in China

• IL state troopers pick up lottery money that is spilled in a traffic accident

No mention of the shooting there seems the media just doesn’t have time to cover another run-of-the-mill school shooting when there is spilled lottery money and cloned monkeys to talk about.

Read more about how cable ignored the tragedy, “Cable news devoted scant coverage to fatal Kentucky high school rampage” written by Timothy Johnson for Media Matters published on January 24, 2018.