New Sec. of State Pompeo vowed to fight 'until the Rapture' in Holy War promise

Mike Pompeo has taken the Secretary of State seat in the name of Jesus, as rational Americans across the nation weep.

The new Secretary of State has been confirmed. Mike Pompeo overcame the steep opposition 57-42 for the win, but guess who loses? Yep, the rational Americans lose again.

The Senate Democrats worked hard to block Pompeo due to his “faith-based extremism,” but they just couldn’t manage to stifle the GOP’s urge to turn America, the home of Freedom of Religion, into a Christian theocracy.

The Republicans didn’t care that Pompeo is a Christian extremist who spews hatred and bigotry. They don’t care that he rejects diversity, and that he promoted conservative Christian views during his time in the CIA. They don’t care that he would like to see a “Holy War” against Muslims.

Is it any wonder that the Democrats fought so hard against Pompeo being America’s diplomat when he preaches things like “Jesus Christ our savior is truly the only solution for our world.” How is that sentiment going to fly when Pompeo is off on his trip meeting leaders from Turkey?

Well, Pompeo knows what he is going to do, keep fighting the good fight! Just like he said back in 2015, “It is a never ending battle until… the Rapture.”

Read more how the scariness that is Pompeo, “New Secretary Of State Pompeo Promises To Fight ‘Until The Rapture’ written by Michael Stone and posted by Patheos: Progressive Secular Humanist on April 26, 2018.

How is this any different than Sharia Law in the middle east? We have separation of church and state for a reason. Religious zealots are mentally unstable and prone to irrational thoughts and behaviors. Christians get all worked up over their perceived "persecution" because they aren't supposed to have a government institution's support on these issues. No one is saying they don't have the freedom to pray or be religious at school, but they are not deserving of any special treatment or accommodations provided by the school to facilitate religious activities. Also, if it wasn't the perfect example of the unavoidable hypocrisy that is religion: The people who usual get their chastity belts in a wad over the so called discrimination of Christians don't think that other religions or beliefs deserve support or privilege, only themselves. If a Muslim or Satanist wanted club wanted an prayer ceremony on campus I highly doubt that the Christians would show any solidarity. Keep your religions out of things that are important to our futures. Things like education, science, law making, or anything that has an effect on other people really.