New poll shows most young people believe Trump is an incompetent, racist fool

It's official: Young people are smarter than adults in America.

Whitney Houston sang “I believe the children are our future...” And she was absolutely right.

A new poll from the Associated Press and MTV shows that young people are not happy with Trump. This demographic is diverse, has strong liberal values of equality, support public health care and they don’t like the tax giveaway to corporations and billionaires. In 2020 the current batch of 15-34 year olds will be the single largest voting block, but they usually don’t go to the polls. It is possible that their intense 70% disapproval of Trump might be enough to motivate them when 7 in 10 say he “doesn’t reflect my personal values”?

Historically the youth block is nearly absent at mid-terms, in 2014 only 1 in 5 showed up. What may be different this time around is that 47% say they are paying more attention to politics, with 1 In 5 now engaged in political activism because Trump was elected.

This voting block will be the most diverse group in American history and this is reflected in their values. They share a 63% agreement that Trump “is a racist.” Spencer Buettgenbach, 23, of Topeka, Kansas, said Trump is “normalizing abusive talk,” about homophobia sexism and racism. “Especially living in Kansas — for me as a gay man — it’s kind of scary,” he said. 69% of his peers support DACA, 59% favor protecting LGBTQ rights, 58% favor protecting Muslim rights. The ‘kids’ have good American values.

Their beliefs are in the right place, but that place needs to be at a voting booth. Hatred of Trump can be a good motivator, but inspiring ‘kids’ with candidates that reflect their values is a better strategy. Yes, 60% describe Trump as “mentally unfit,” 62% call him “generally dishonest,” but I’d rather see candidates who focus on the positives. 67% favor “the government provides health insurance to all Americans,” 60% want the government to tackle climate change, and only 22% like the GOP billionaire tax giveaway. They also don’t want the wall, and they don’t want to increase military spending. These are all places where a good candidate could inspire voter turnout.

As far as Trump though, it’s good to know he is universally panned among this block. Even the brainwashed 22 year old conservative kid Kristopher Cochran, who thinks Trump is totally sane because he’s made money, doesn’t seem to like him. Yes, Kris needs to do some research into Trump’s bankruptcies and unpaid contractors, but he’s not completely Fox Newsified. He said, “If [Trump] was mentally unfit, I don’t think he would have made as much money as he did, but I can see why people would think that...I’m not a fan of his incessant need for Twitter. He acts like a child.” 49% of Kristipher’s peers would tell Trump to delete his Twitter and 37% to “Take it down a notch.” That’s 86% unhappy with Trumps behavior on their chosen medium. Let’s hope we can combine hate and inspiration and get Gen Z to vote.

Note from the pollsters: “The Youth Political Pulse poll of 1,027 young Americans age 15-34 was conducted Feb. 22 to March 9 by the AP-NORC Center and MTV. The poll was conducted using NORC’s probability-based AmeriSpeak panel, which is designed to be representative of the U.S. population. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 4.2 percentage points.”

​By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

​For more read, "Poll shows young people believe Trump is unfit for office" written by Michael Sykes for Axios on March 30, 2018.