Netanyahu flips out as Israeli police go after him for corruption

Top Trump ally Prime Minister Netanyahu allegedly accepted bribes and may be facing corruption charges.

It was reported on Wednesday, that the Israeli police chiefs were in “unanimous agreement” that the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be indicted on corruption charges. Netanyahu has allegedly accepted bribes and lavish gifts from wealthy patrons, a list that includes an Israeli-born Hollywood producer.

Netanyahu acknowledged that police would probably recommend indictment via a Facebook video. Netanyahu predicted no charges would be pressed saying, “The State of Israel is a state of law. The law says that the one to determine whether there is evidence against the prime minister is the attorney general and he consults with the state attorney. The state prosecutor recently said in the Knesset that about half of the police's recommendations end with nothing. So do not be nervous ... I am sure that at the end of the day the competent legal bodies will come to one conclusion, to the simple truth: There is nothing."

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, he posted again to Facebook, this time lashing out against his accusers:

“Any fair-minded person will ask themselves how people who say such delusional things about the prime minister can investigate him objectively and make recommendations in his case without bias."

Netanyahu has held the Prime Minister position twice. His current term started in 2009, and he was previously elected in 1996 and served until 1999.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is one of Trump’s top allies especially after he declared Jerusalem the recognized capital of Israel last year. Trump’s decision was very popular with Netanyahu and a lot of Israelis, but it has caused an increase in tensions with Palestine.

It is interesting that Trump’s top ally finds himself amid corruption allegations. It appears that corruption is a common theme for the Trump administration.

Read more about the recommendation in "Netanyahu Lashes Out as Israeli Police Wrap Up Graft Inquiries" written by Isabel Kershner for New York Times on February 8, 2018.