Neo-Nazi group disintegrates over bizarre affair, trailer park fight

But they seem like such nice people. How could this happen? HA!

We need an actual flow chart to keep track of a Neo Nazi love quadrangle rocking the Internetz featuring a trailer park, a step daddy, and of course, a Walmart parking lot. It all seems just too good to be true, but seems like it is.

The openly racist leader of the notorious Traditionalist Workers Party, Matthew Heimbach, was arrested Tuesday in Paoli Indiana, in a trailer, in front of his young kids. Heimbach was caught out having an affair with his spokesman, Mat Parrot’s wife. This led to a violent rage and showdown between Heimbach and the jilted Parrot. Parrot is also Heimbach’s wife’s step daddy. Oh My Gawd... just look at this freaking chart via Mic!

Chart via Mic

Parrot and his stepdaughter Brooke, Heimbach’s wife, were suspicious that their spouses were having an affair, so they planned a set up. Parrot crept up to Heimbach’s trailer to catch the adultery in action. Parrot learned he was literally a cuck, (a favorite sexual insult of these scum), before the box he was standing on to reach a window collapsed under his fat Nazi self-mess. The noise alerted Heimbach and led to a chair throwing, multi trailer chase, ending in Parrot being choked out. (Was Heimbach wearing pants? Eeeew!) Coming to, Parrot fled to his safe space, a Walmart parking lot, and called the cops.

Police found Heimbach, his wife Brooke, and Parrots wife Jessica all in one trailer. “He kicked the wall, and then grabbed my cheeks, making them bleed, and threw me with the and on my face onto the bed,” Brooke wrote to police who had heard the scuffle inside the trailer. Master Race Heimbach was arrested on multiple violent charges, including battery in front of children, and notably, the police report lists his occupation as White Nationalist. I guess that’s a career path now?

Well, the Traditionalist Workers Party IS very high profile; it was a large presence in Charlottesville, and features members like Tony Hovater of the glowing New York Times profile fame. They are frequent muscle at White Power events, and Heimbach and other members made national news when they sued Trump to make good on his promise to cover their legal bills after they beat someone up at a Trump rally.

The low profile Nazi members of the group, the ones who don’t choose to put white nationalist on their tax return under occupation, are safe from the public spotlight though. Parrot, assault victim, cuck and a Spokesman for the group, says he made sure records were wiped and their website was deleted after he realized the “white trash circus” (his words) would draw police scrutiny. “All the information is destroyed and everybody’s personal information is protected.” Parrot claims to be stepping down, and that the Nazi army is toast, “SPLC has won. Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.”

I want to believe this isn’t some elaborate ruse. These White Nationalists live for controversy and the free press they get. Remember a different group claimed the Florida Shooter as a member? Many high profile Nazi organizers have stepped down this week, so are they regrouping quietly? I hope it’s just a house of cards collapsing, but I also think it’s stupid to assume their claims are always in earnest.

Still, ain’t that a sweet chart, uncle brother daddy?

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "A Prominent American Hate Group Just Collapsed Because of an Affair" written by Allie Conti for Vice News on March 14, 2018.