National debt up to $21 trillion, federal borrowing on the rise

Where are all the "fiscally responsible" Republicans squawking about it?

Trump’s tax giveaway to corporations is already ballooning the deficit. In news that makes me want to gorge on chocolate (while we can still afford it before the impending cacao plant collapse) and curl up in a tiny tiny ball, the national debt has passed 21 Trillion.

Yeah. Trillion with a T.

Congress passed a bill to eliminate any borrowing limits until March 1, 2019, and in just six weeks since then, we’ve added another half a trillion in debt. Even I can add this up and say this is very not good.

National debt in itself isn’t negative. A small part of our deficit is student loans and mortgage programs, but Trumps tax cut isn’t creating positive debt. The huge corporate oligarch giveaways aren’t being reinvested. They aren’t doing what they promised. Michael Peterson, economist, said, "Worse yet, this unfortunate milestone has only just begun to include the effects of the recent fiscally irresponsible tax and spending legislation, which added more debt on top of an already unsustainable trajectory."

Vote. Them. Out.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "National debt hits $21 trillion" written by Pete Kasperowicz for Washington Examiner on March 16, 2018.