Mike Pence says abortion will end 'in our time,' evangelicals cheer

Pence thinks the end of abortion is near, claims “life is winning” in a country where children are being shot in schools

On Tuesday while attending an anti-abortion luncheon, Mike Pence stated that legal abortion would end “in our time.” The event was hosted by the Susan B Anthony List & Life Institute.

Pence, a long-time champion of anti-abortion policy, claimed that the Trump administration has made more progress in its first year than he had seen in the rest of his lifetime.

"If all of us do all we can, we can once again, in our time, restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law."

Since taking office, Trump has reversed an Obama policy that protected Planned Parenthood from being defunded, and he has banned federal funds from going to global health organizations that provide abortions. But bigger issues like the proposed ban on 20-week abortions, are not being passed in the Senate.

Pence and the other anti-abortion attendees cheered because “life is winning in America once again.”

Yet, this same man that is so worried about limiting woman’s right to choose has an A-rating from the NRA. Mike “life is winning” Pence bragged about the fact that Indiana didn’t enact any new gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. For Mike Pence and the other luncheon attendees, life is only important while inside the womb, but really doesn’t matter all that much when it is getting shot at while sitting in a classroom.

Read more about Pence’s claim, “Pence: Abortion will end in U.S. 'in our time' written by Jessie Hellmann published by The Hill on February 27, 2018.