Michigan GOP tried to pass bill marking immigrants' licenses with YELLOW STARS

Guess who else loved this idea? FREAKING HITLER!

Michigan Republicans tried to pass a bill that would add a symbol, one option being A YELLOW STAR to LEGAL immigrants' driver's licenses. Not even a red star. A freaking yellow star, you know LIKE HITLER DID TO JEWS, only this one was a five point star so that’s okay...or something. Kind of perfect considering a new study showing two-thirds of millennials and 4 in 10 Americans don’t even know what Auschwitz is. One-third of Americans think fewer than six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and over half of Americans think Hitler took power by force when he was actually democratically elected.

So, the Michigan Republicans, another democratically elected group, just tried to put yellow stars on immigrants. Was it utter ignorance of history, has a Neo-Nazi troll managed to gain a position of power, or has everyone simply lost their goddamn freaking minds?

Representative Cole, who had approved of the idea to VISUALLY MARK immigrants, is now trying to do damage control after the problematic bill gained attention. Now he’s claiming to be grateful for help correcting the bill and was only trying to comply with the National Real ID act. Nice try, bro. You’re either ignorant or willful. I’m not sure which is worse.

We might be marking legal immigrants with stars right now if Rep Cole had his way. Immigrants rights groups were disturbed by the bill’s implications and fought to correct it. The bill had "sloppy language," said Susan Reed, managing attorney for the Michigan Immigrants Rights Center. In addition to the star, there were issues around legal immigrants’ status updates and meshing that information with the drivers licenses. She said the new bill “takes out the problematic language.” The licensees will continue to have an LT on their cards standing for limited term.

History repeats itself, never forget and this is how it all starts. For crying out loud, people.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

EDITOR'S NOTE: It was not the execution of the bill that is disturbing, as it was never adopted into law. It is the implication that some lawmakers are so completely tone deaf when it comes to historical relevance and sensitivity that is the problem we are rightfully, in our opinion, pointing out.

For more read, “Michigan immigrant driver's license bill changed after complaints” written by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press on April, 10 2018.

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Lmao did u even READ the article or....? Nothing passed, there's no existing policy...this is something they're trying to pass. Also, something u might consider...immigrants can be white, Kathy 😂😂😂😂


This is bullshit. The star is to indicate that your ID has been verified so you can use your drivers license to cross the US/Canadian border without needing to buy an expensive passport, and also so that airlines will let you fly using a DL instead of a passport. Look. My DL has one. And not because I’m an immigrant. Simply because I’m a resident whose identity has been verified by the state government.

Kathy thinks anyone who isn't white is an immigrant. Kinda makes you wonder how she justifies the indigenous Native American peoples.


In expressing your righteous indignation about something that is truly horrific.....you might want to learn how to spell Auschwitz.

his? or do you mean "he's"?


The bill was never passed & made in to law. That's why there's nothing on your "hubby's." Read the entire story before posting irrelevant comments about it.

Yeah, did YOU read it? Do you think your giving us news? It already says the Michigan TRIED to pass the law. Pay attention before you get snarky and make yourself look silly.

The typo has been corrected. Thank you.

Yes, hence the word "tried" in the title.

The measure didn't pass. Hence the word "tried" in the title of the article.

Choosing a yellow star to mark immigrants in ANY situation is a mockery of history. THAT is the point of the article -- that the GOP is blind to such obvious historical insensitivity.

Yes. AND while at it, please correct your "D"emocratically elected Hitler and your "D"emocratically elected Republican. It is "democratically" elected. Upper case would mean the Democratic Party. I don't know what the goal of this is. If it was a Republican bill, I suspect that there is some evil intent but a yellow star to identify an immigrant? I seriously doubt this.

Credibility here is lacking on another issue. It isn't that people believe Hitler seized power "he was democratically elected" you state. In 1933 Hitler ran for office, and former President Hindenberg ran against him. Hindenberg won. Hitler though was leading a party with a lot of support and leveraged that into pressuring Hindenberg into appointing him Chancellor. A year later Hindeberg died in office, as Chancellor Hitler appointed HIMSELF president and abolished the office of Chancellor. There was no new elections in Germany after Hindenberg was elected in '33 until 1948. Hitler did indeed seize power, he was NEVER elected by a majority, or elected at all. These are easily fact checked, and your failure to do so undermines all other claims.

I'm sorry, but this is fake news. Partially, at least. I think the author completely failed at interpreting an article on this from the Detroit Free Press:

The proposal was not to mark immigrants' driver's licenses with a yellow star, as depicted in the picture. In fact, driver's licenses in Michigan are already being marked with that star, WHICH DESIGNATES THAT THE LICENSE IS REAL ID COMPLIANT. That is, the license holder proved that they were authorized to travel legally between the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and Caribbean nations when they obtained it. See: http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-5647_12539_81564-429294--,00.html

The proposal, which opponents referred to as a "scarlet letter" provision, was to mark the licenses of immigrants with a known end-date for legal residence with an expiration date that matched that date. Opponents reasonably pointed out that this was both awkwardly worded and would impose an unreasonable burden on legal immigrants who are easily able to renew their license.

I call out fake news when I see it on the right, and I'll call it when I see it on the left, too. The Michigan GOP emphatically did not suggest marking the licenses of immigrants with a yellow star. That's made up. You should be ashamed.

Do you think perpetrating lies helps our cause? Why do you do crap like this?

Hi. I'm Bob Eller with The Associated Press. We've done some reporting on the Michigan license plate story and have found the "yellow stars" on licenses are not being required for immigrants -- it's part of the Real ID program. All Michigan licenses will eventually require the white star inside a gold circle to be Real ID compliant. In fact, immigrant advocates are not opposing the bill as it's now written. Wondering whether you have plans to amend any parts of your story that are inaccurate? I'm reachable at beller@ap.org if you want to discuss.