Michele Bachmann has concluded God does NOT want her to run for office

Well, hallelujah and praise whichever god talked her out of it!

Last time we checked in on Michelle Bachman she was waiting for Jesus the Lord God to send her a magic sign. God would surely tell her whether or not she should run for Al Franken’s Senate seat, she said. On Thursday in St. Paul Minnesota there was a miracle and God finally spoke! He gave Michelle a literal sign, a billboard, saying “Michelle Bachman, NO ~ God.”

Over the weekend on “End Times Radio” Bachman told host Jan Markell that she isn’t running. Bachman says it’s because she just doesn’t feel it. (Did she mean she didn’t feel it in her ‘heart of hearts, because that’s what all the Christians say when they REALLY talk to God.) Bachman, taunting the Almighty, said he told her what to do by talking to her inside bits, and failed to mention the obvious miracle of the real billboard.

She’s just asking for lightening bolts, that Michelle. Bachman also wanted to make it clear, by the way, that tons of people sent her money, and lots of big important people wanted to work on her campaign. It would have been totally National, and really really big, but she’s super humble and defers to God Lord Jesus on her choice to not run.

Listen to Bachmann's newest revelation in the audio clip below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

More here, “Michele Bachmann Has Decided That God Does Not Want Her To Run For The Senate” by Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch, February 5, 2018.