Meth-dealing monsignor fails SIXTH drug test, still manages to stay out of jail

Being a privileged white male Catholic has its perks.

The meth wholesaling, flop house operating, money laundering Catholic rising star, monsignor Kevin Wallin, must still have some hefty political pull. On Thursday, Federal Judge Alfred V. Covello gave him a Hail Mary for the sixth time. After serving a short jail sentence when he could have received life in prison, the monsignor’s been testing positive for meth use again, all while collecting a pension from the Bridgeport Connecticut Diocese.

Far from the picture of a struggling addict just trying to feed a habit, Monsignor Wallin was an influential leader and fundraiser in the Catholic Church when he was caught operating a crystal methamphetamine wholesale operation. Investigators found a drug den with stockpiles of cash and uncovered plans to buy a naughty sex shop to launder the money. His LLC was called "Rahab and Endor," a reference to the biblical whore who God decided to spare during one of his holy murderous rampages.

Incidentally, he was cross dressing and sleeping with men, not that it matters beyond the sheer hypocrisy, though. Many parishioners claim his appearance drastically changed, and his drug habits were whispered about, yet the church claimed ignorance despite removing him from the public pulpit before he was caught.

Monsignor Wallin was sentenced to 65 months in jail, served very little of it, and has been failing drug tests since his release in 2016. On Thursday, U.S. Assistant Attorney Caruso said the probation office “which has gone above and beyond” could have legally revoked parole after the third fail.

Monsignor Wallin’s public defender suggested yet another 30-day program, because the three month intensive program was obviously not enough, and the Judge granted this. If Wallin fails a SEVENTH drug test he will automatically go to jail. (Because you know, Jesus Man Boy God said forgive 70 times 7, so that’s a good Jesus number? Can’t go and sentence a monsignor for 6 of anything because 6 is of the Satan.) This kid glove treatment for a former leader illustrates how the Catholic Church, despite the world wide sexual abuse controversy, still has powerful political pull.

Even with a more egalitarian pope in power, the boots on the ground are still fairly entrenched in the same old bigotry. For example, the Catholic Church in Connecticut, the monsignor’s home state, has aligned with bigoted Focus on the Family. They have lobbied FOR the death penalty even while claiming to be pro-life, are anti contraceptive, anti assisted suicide, and are still trying to fight gay marriage. Go figure.

Anyhow, my point is, don’t be distracted from the real political threat of the Catholic Church and their 2,000 year old system of oppression just because new pope isn’t mean to gay people. The lenient treatment of monsignor Wallin is just a reminder.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read “'Monsignor Meth' Escapes Return To Jail Despite Failing Drug Tests” by David Altimari for the Hartford Courant April 19, 2018.