Men's rights activist edits out all the women in 'The Last Jedi'

And, thankfully, the internet responded with all the hilarious mockery you would expect.

An anonymous man baby was so triggered by all the scary lady women in the latest Star Wars Movie, that he painstakingly spent his precious trolling time to make a special edit for all his ‘Men’s Rights’ buddies. Why would he use his time volunteering at a men’s shelter, when he can trigger libs instead?

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit” is 45 minutes long and was promoted to Reddit Monday. Even the author admits it’s “lazy.” The removal of “most shots showing female fighters/pilots and female officers commanding people around/having ideas,” made a disjointed piece unpopular even with many of its target fragile men.

The internets responded with swift mocking. Many pointed out that his crappy final product only proves how women improve the film. Most meta was Mark Hammell aka Luke Skywalker himself Tweeting a pile of laughing emojis, the director Rian Johnson tweeting 140 characters worth of “hahahahha” and John Boyega who plays Finn piling on the mocking.

Seriously, if you’re actually a Men’s Rights activist, is this a productive use of your time? Maybe volunteer at a homeless shelter that serves men instead? Offer your video editing skills as free training to men who have had their jobs outsourced? Drive a veteran to a doctors appointment. No. Just make memes instead. That’ll help.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

See the mocking tweets here: "Men’s rights activist edits out all scenes with women in ‘The Last Jedi’" written by Chris Jancelewicz for Global News.