McConnell pushing for larger workload so Democrats don't have time to campaign

A WH director told GOP donors that Mitch McConnell was going to extend the workweek to keep Democrats from campaigning.

Senate Majority Leader and human-turtle hybrid, Mitch McConnell, is thinking about extending the workweek so that Democrats will have less time to campaign. Marc Short, a White House legislative director, spilled the beans about Mitch’s plan to a group of GOP donors.

The goal is to keep Democratic senators like Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV) and Claire McCaskill (MO) “tied up from campaigning.” In other words, McConnell hopes to secure those and the other seats in states won by Trump for Republicans, as they will be tougher re-elections for Democrats.

McConnell apparently “wasn’t bluffing,” as he filed cloture on six nominees with a vow to get them done in one week.

His office declined to comment on whether the tactic was being used to stop campaigning, but if he prolongs the workweek for the senators... doesn’t that mean Republicans can’t do any campaigning either or are Democrats the only ones showing up to work?

Read more about McConnell’s nefarious plan here: “McConnell looks at longer workweeks for Senate to keep Dems from campaigning: report” written by Max Greenwood posted by The Hill on April 18, 2018.