Love You, Hate Your Politics. America 2017

Are political arguments tearing your intimate relationships with your spouse, partner, family, friends?

Dr. Jeanne Safer wants you to be her interview subject.

She is writing a book for All Points Books/St. Martin’s (working title is Love You, Hate Your Politics) about how people can learn to keep love and mutual respect alive across party lines, and she’d love to hear your story.

Contact her at Jeanne@JeanneSaferPhD.com. You may find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too.

Dr. Jeanne Safer has dedicated much of her decades’ long career in psychotherapy to exploring the taboo subjects that we all think about in private but seldom discuss in public. From conflicted sibling relationships to the choice not to have children, Safer’s work has always been unflinching in its aim to delve deep into the topics that make most of us blush but that are present in all our lives. In The Golden Condom , Safer turns her sharp, fearless eye to a subject perhaps more universal than any other–love in all its permutations.

In The Golden Condom , Safer interweaves her own experiences with those of a variety of memorable people, including her patients, telling a series of tales that investigates the types of relationships, both healthy and toxic, that most of us don’t escape life without experiencing at least once, including traumatic friendships, love after loss, unrequited or obsessional love, and more.

MORE: http://www.jeannesaferphd.com/