Louisiana to evict 30,000 elderly from nursing homes because Medicaid ran out

The state Finance Chair is worried the move makes them look “heartless.” Ya think?

The Louisiana state House of Representatives just passed a new budget that will cause more than 30,000 elderly people to lose Medicaid and be evicted from their nursing homes. The eviction notices are scheduled to go out this week.

A Department of Health spokesman, Bob Johannessen, talks about the changes:

“The Louisiana Department of Health is beginning the process of notifying all impacted enrollees that some people may lose their Medicaid eligibility. The goal of the department is to give notice to all affected people as soon as possible in order that they begin developing their appropriate plans.”

The problem stems from the newly passed budget which cuts healthcare by over $500 million dollars due to a loss of one-cent sales tax in June. The expiring tax added $880 million to the Louisiana budget.

The cuts to healthcare won’t just be felt by the elderly, either. Lafayette General hospital has already sent out word to its 800 employees that the medical center will have to close. Other hospitals are expected to be similarly affected and some 25,000 jobs in the assisted living industry will be cut as well.

Louisiana Senate Finance Chair is worried as well, but not so much about the plight of the state’s elderly, “This makes us look heartless,” he said. Glad to see he has his priorities are in the right place.

Read more about the evictions, “Nursing home eviction notices to be sent Thursday” written by Greg Hilburn and posted by News Star on May 7, 2018.

I live in New Orleans and I am currently receiving Medicare and additional supplemental benefits provided by the State for health care in my battle against cancer and a particularly virulent type of HIV. I've been assured and reassured by my caseworkers that the Louisiana provided parts of my insurance are in NO danger.
My State is working very hard to recover from a disastrous eight year reign of terror and neglect perpetrated by a twice ‘elected' sociopath serial killer governor named Bobbi Jindhal. This man was deeply disturbed. He cut taxes to nearly Zero for anyone making over 100K Dollars a year. This is why we are coping with the aftermath of his defunding of our State. We are 600 MILLION dollars a year in debt because of this. He sliced the States contribution to Supplemental Food Stamps by 88%! Across the State, Food Bank shelves became barren almost overnight. He closed every Mental Health facility in State except for One. The South East Louisiana State Mental Hospital. The place is a notorious hellhole and should have shutdown decades ago. Turned out into the streets, crime skyrocketed.
In response, Jindhal signed an Executive Order immediately closing all homeless shelters because he felt that “if these crazy people have no place to sleep or eat, maybe they'll get the hint that they along to another State".
He really said/did that.
He really, really did.
Bored one day, he closed 93% of the Public Libraries in our State. Local people and out of work librarians staffed the places for free and kept the lights on until we were able to loose ourselves from that fukin witchdoctor and get a real human into the office.
↓This Guy↓
Gov. John Bel Edwards has asked lawmakers to end the legislative session early and convene a special session so the Legislature can pass taxes that would fill the budget gap. House and Senate leaders have said they are open to the idea, but haven’t made any specific plans or announcements.



apparently whoever wrote this article disagrees with you assessment of why this is happening.

as I was saying whoever wrote this story disagrees with your assessment of why it is happening. from what I read the reason for the cuts is the lose of one percent of the sales tax not any tax cuts for those making over a hundred grand. how many of these people who are going to lose their medcaid signed their assets over to their children so they would not have to use them to help pay for their nursing home care? let the children sell their assets and help pay for their care.

The homeless woman holding the sign was a photo we took in Los Angeles some years ago of a homeless woman at one of the busiest business intersections in Los Angeles. I was so outraged, we stopped my car on the spot, took the photo, and posted that picture within the hour it was taken. We insisted upon paying her for her trouble (that's the cash she is holding) and we called numerous agencies to help her. She remained on that corner for several days before we were able to find her some shelter.

This article is very misleading but including the act that they have Trump’s picture attached to it in order to push the message.

I only really take issue with the article because this is not only my home state, but I work closely with individuals who were a part of this decision.

What the article does not mention is the fact that yes portions are being cut, thanks to a governor who is using this to prove a point as well as the recent former administration and the misappropriation of funding for years.

However, there are other state programs that are locally and state funded that these individuals will now qualify for and so for the great majority no interruption will be felt at all. Some may have to move facilities, but will most certainly not be homeless. Although with that said, people no longer being able to afford skilled care facilities and becoming homeless because of no family support has been happening through several administrations past and is not a new event.

The hospital that they are referring to also is not closing shop due to national or state cuts. That decision was made 3-4 years ago due to the low number of individuals using the facility and they just could not turn a profit since it was mostly private owned.

There has been a need to address the lack of care for our senior communities in this nation for decades. It disturbed me how so many can jump to a computer to write an article that paints a man or his administration in such a bad light when we cannot begin to fathom what it is like to dig this country out of TRILLIONSin debt that was handed over to fix over night.

Margaret Thatcher said it best during the recession of the 70/80’s she said, yes the medicine is harsh, but do we withhold it from the patient if it saves their lives?

We have no choice but to make cuts in order to survive as a whole.

Which Hospital? I didn't read anything about a hospital.

Can you also confirm (since you work so closely with said lawmakers) the 30,000 figure? Can you also please expound on the "other programs" these senior citizens will qualify for? Hopefully something that provides a roof/food/basic human necessities.

Slumlord87: My mother was on Medicaid before she died. A lifelong teacher, she was not able to amass much in the way of assets. When she became ill (and was not properly diagnosed for a long time - but that's nother story) she was unable to keep working and therefore could not pay her mortgage. Her house went into foreclosure. I'm a religious sister - a nun. My brother (my only sibling) is married with four children and lives from paycheck to paycheck. What were we supposed to sell in order to provide for our mother's care? Seriously. Please enlighten me.


I am so sorry for your loss. In a civilized society this would not be an issue.


Elle49: Exactly! My family is going through this as we try to keep mother in a facility. The facility is trying to qualify her for Medicaid thus she went thru a conservatorship hearing or rather I did re she is unable to function properly now w/dementia. There was no attempt on our part to sign her assets over to other family members as Slumlord87 suggested. We are not in La. tho we will see how this plays out as Genesis is attempting to qualify her for Medicaid which then covers her nursing home care. I kept her at home as long as I could but her condition became too complicated finally for me to handle. She’s 89.
As CriticalThinker questioned, what other options are there? At this point, we have already attempted to utilize all options that were available to us ie inhome care, etc.

Although I agree with most of what TerryTolkin stated in the response, much was misrepresented and/or left out which helps explain the serious financial picture in Louisiana. Our state, Louisiana has been the VICTIM of REPUBLICAN governance for many years now. Yes, we elected a Democrat to help the state out of a deep financial hole that a ultra-conservative Republican twice elected Bobby Jindal put the state in because of gimmickry budget fixes, stealing from rainy day funds, raiding agency savings accounts to shore up his budgets to make them look balanced when they were not. In effect, Jindal, along with the votes of the Republican held legislature year after year whittled away nearly all the states ability to generate income by cutting corporate income tax to nearly zero, giving huge tax cuts to the very wealthy, then added tax give aways and rebates to big oil, the many Koch Bros. industries in the state and other major corporate entities. Gov. Edwards has managed to get the Republican legislature to pass minimal temporary sales tax hikes but the Republican legislature has halted ANY real reform needed to role back the corporate welfare and re-institute the corporate tax rates that were applied in the state pre-Jindal administration. The state has also lost much of the revenue from offshore oil since the the price of oil has dropped. The state's flagship university LSU 's heralded School of Petroleum Engineering remains on the verge of loosing it accreditation because the legislature greatly reduced funding to public education. Charter schools run by businessmen, take money to operate schools, open the doors, then walk away with the money, close the schools and the children have to return to the public schools which have lost a significant portions of their funding to the charter school scam! But what few realize is a MAJOR DRAIN on the treasury each year in Louisiana is not the spending on necessary services, it is a HUGE retirement package the legislature (not regular retired state employees) gave themselves and continue to up each legislative session. It is estimated that about 1/5 of the entire outlay of expenditures for the state go to RETIRED LEGISLATORS (in the form of pension and perks!!!!) - not education, not the elderly, not children, not food stamps but RETIRED LEGISLATORS!!!!!

Here’s where FEMA camps are going to be used. First with the elderly and homeless. They’ll be locked up and taken care of. Who’s going to try to save them? ........then they’ll come for you.

Is there any way for these people, any one of them, to get up to Illinois? I have a spareroom!! I am willing to share my home!! Dose anyone knows if there's someone I can get ahold of to discuss this further!!

SLUMLORD87: "let the children sell their assets and help pay for their care."
Yes of course. The perfect solution.
Let's impoverish the children of the poverty-stricken, and in so doing, we'll help to perpetuate poverty by forcing it on generation after generation of their families.
Are you really a slumlord? You sound like one.

susanj: The picture you paint is very dismaying, and I'm sorry to hear about Louisiana's situation.
The viewpoint of the GOP has long been that if you cut corporate taxes and the taxes of the wealthy, you make your state a business-friendly one. Then the businesses will come, and the trickle-down to everyone else will commence. And indeed it might. For awhile, anyway.
However, once other factors (such as the drop in the price of oil that you mentioned) impact business profits adversely, the businesses are free to simply fold their tents and leave for greener pastures.
Eventually, of course, what can happen is that the industry/business sectors completely deplete the state's resources from which they've been extracting their profits, and poof, they're gone. For good. Leaving the locals holding the bag.
Such are the nuts and bolts of the way capitalism works.
It's not really the best way to prosper the interests of the populace. But then, that's not the goal, and never was.
I hope your elected officials do reverse themselves here, and do what's right and what's humane. If not, the people of Louisiana might have to find a way to come together and force the issue.

And who did your relatives and their friends vote for ma'am.?

Wow totally fake enquiror news. Placing blame on the President just like always!!

Wow, it never fails to surprise me when I hear about misappropriated photos. It shouldn't surprise me but it always does.