Laura Ingraham's Twitter bullying isn't hurting advertisers, it's hurting FOX

Laura Ingraham bullied a teenager on Twitter and her advertisers dropped her like a bad habit, but Fox is suffering most

A whole slew of advertisers jumped from Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show last week after she made some nasty comments about the teenage activist David Hogg getting rejected from colleges due to a poor GPA. Hogg is a high school senior and survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Laura Ingraham’s Twitter bullying isn't hurting advertisers, it's hurting FOX

Deciding to pull advertising could have been a risky move for the corporations involved, especially as Ingraham supporters were spouting about boycotts, but recent date collected by YouGov Brandindex shows quite the opposite.

When asked, “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the past two weeks--through news, advertising, or word of mouth--was it positive or negative?” the only brand with a significant number of respondents stating a negative perception was Fox News.

Since Ingraham’s bullying of the teenage Hogg on Twitter, over a dozen companies have made an announcement that they will no longer be advertising on the show citing her statements as the cause. A top advertiser, Liberty Mutual, stated that the host’s Twitter comments were “inconsistent with our values as a company.”

Ingraham is currently taking a week long hiatus from the show to celebrate “Easter break” with her kids, a little vacation which may or may not have been planned before the sh*t hit the fan at Fox.

Read more Fox News’ woes, “Fox News, not advertisers, are hurting the most from the Laura Ingraham boycott” written by Rebekah Entralgo posted by Think Progress on April 02, 2018.