Ken Hamm can't find enough fundamentalists to meet his employment requirements

Guess it's time to shut down then, eh? Must be God's will.

Creationist Ken Hamm is having trouble getting the young people to work for at his Creation Museum and Ark Encounter theme park. Is it the contract he makes them sign pledging to be homophobic? Is it their immature teenage minds refusing to deny scientific evidence and admit the earth is only 6,000 years old? Hamm thinks so.

Hamm’s employment standards are high you see. No. Not the fun kind of high. To work for the Answers in Genesis Corporation, every employee at every job no matter how underpaid, must submit a “salvation testimony” that they’ve embraced the Star Baby Jesus, a “Creation belief statement” that earth is only a few thousand years old, and “Agreement with the AiG Statement of Faith” saying the the only legitimate marriage is heterosexual and trans people aren’t real.

So Hamm is having a hard time getting good Christian help. He’s having an especially hard time getting seasonal employees who tend to be young kids on break from school. He decided to insult them a bit before tossing them a crumb by relaxing his strict requirements. He said “I know there’s a lot of young people who still aren’t necessarily mature in all their thinking in lots of areas, but if they can sign the tenets of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, they can… work here.” So all you have to do is agree to Hamm’s assertions that the magic book of Genesis should be read as literal historical fact, and he might give you a part time job cleaning toilets.

Hamm isn’t even American, his brand of Evangelical crazy was probably too much for the civilized Australians, so he’s found a fertile ground here in the United States of crazy. His organization makes about $20 million a year, and as his plea shows, they are hiring. Only in America…

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, “Ken Hamm can’t find enough creationist employees. So he’s loosening restrictions" by Hemant Mehta for Patheos on April 10 2018.