Kellyanne Conway's cure for opioid addiction: French fries, ice cream

Her "alternative facts" get dumber and more dangerous by the day.

Kellyanne Conway, is back with more alternative facts: this time “eat the French fry,” is her sage advice as key to fighting addiction.

Ms. Conway was speaking at a forum for millennials about drug use. She was lamenting that college students will read labels on their food and then go buy street drugs.

“My short advice is, as somebody double your age, eat the ice cream, have the French fry, don’t buy the street drug. Believe me it all works out.”

This was an actual quote from Kellyanne’s dry mouth. She was deservedly mocked, because facts still matter.

People pointed out that pain relief drugs, prescribed for surgery and injuries, are a main cause leading to addiction, and will not be replaced by eating ice cream. We also have plenty of data on the failure of “just say no” campaigns, and many people were quick to point this out. Finally, my favorite tweet pointed out that Ms. Conway proposed not eating some French fries, rather urged we eat the singular “the French fry.”

As the utterly unqualified lead in Trump’s opioid initiative, Conway has held bunches of meetings, ignored advice from anyone who actually studies or treats addiction, and instead pitched such top tier ideas as a “just say no to drugs” campaign. It worked so well under Reagan. Hint, it did not work, but we must still have ware houses full of Tee Shirts otherwise why pitch the failed idea at all?

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, “Kellyanne Conway on avoiding opioids: Eat the ice cream, have the french fries" written by Steve Goldstein for Market Watch on March 22, 2018.