Kellyanne Conway chosen to lead initiative to fix US opioid epidemic

Although Conway has no relevant experience, she has now been picked to solve the deadliest drug crisis in US history.

Kellyanne Conway has been chosen to lead the initiative on America's deadly opioid crisis. The announcement was made after the Justice Department met last Wednesday. Conway was tapped by President Donald Trump to help "change the perception about opiods,” in the hopes that this will reduce addiction to the deadly substance.

During last Wednesday's briefing, the Justice Department focused on addressing opioids, which is considered the "deadliest drug crisis in American history.”

Though Conway has no formal experience in drug policy or law enforcement, she has been an asset to the Trump Administration for other reasons -- mainly her talent for lying with a straight face. Conway was Trump's campaign manager before becoming a White House spokeswoman and defended Trump's vehemently various untruths to the media. She even pioneered the term "alternative facts" to explain away Trump's absurdly dishonest claims.

Conway shares Sessions’ and Trump's view that defeating the drug abuse problem will require a strict prevention program. In an interview with Fox News in October she said, "The best way to stop people from dying from overdoses and drug abuse is by not starting in the first place."

Follow this developing story by reading "Kellyanne Conway Will Run White House's Opioid Crisis Efforts” by Melina Delkic and published by Newsweek on November 29, 2017.

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I think she should attend as many alanon meetings as she can to listen to whats happening! At the end of the year we'll see what the death rate is as see how well she did. If she is not educated and open minded on drug addiction issues, I don't think she has a good chance as educated people are not doing well right now. Huge problem and the fact that the people that are making this drug are paying off the government, really don't see how she could help.