Journal of American Medicine: Legalizing pot could help end the opioid epidemic

Yet another groundbreaking study that proves "reefer madness" is complete nonsense.

Finally people are waking up to evidence based solutions to the opioid epidemic... and it’s WEED, I mean CANNABIS. So, just 15 short years after Chong went to jail for selling bongs, we have the freaking Journal of American Medicine publishing two pro-pot papers. They show strong evidence that legal marijuana reduces opioid addiction.

Analyzing five years of Medicare data in states that have legalized marijuana showed a drop of between 4-14% in opioid prescriptions. The rates dropped even more in recreational weed states. According to W. David Bradford and author of one of the studies:

"We need to be clear-eyed and use evidence to drive our policies... If you’re interested in giving people options for pain management that don’t bring the particular risks that opiates do, states should contemplate turning on dispensary-based cannabis policies.”

Okay, I understand how important it is to the cause of legalizing marijuana to keep things serious here, but, can I crack a joke about being “clear eyed” and “turning on” while talking about cannabis policy? This guy is hilarious, but he’s also deadly right.

Keeping people off of the pharmaceutical industry’s addicting legal opioids can be done, with weed, which people have been saying all along. Now we finally have data to back up the claims. I’m sure anti pot Jeffry Sessions is so pleased. Speaking of powerful politicians who make tons of money off of the prison system, can we just let a whole bunch of people out of jail for marijuana convictions?

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Journal of American Medicine: Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Solve the Opioid Crisis" written by Rachel Dicker for Mediaite on April 5, 2018.