James O'Keefe's associates exposed in new 'Project Veritas' dossier

O'Keefe's "Project Veritas" is the extreme right wing group responsible for the Planned Parenthood sting video hoax.

James O’Keefe’s entire operation at the right wing Project Veritas group depends upon stealth and deception. A new website by The Undercurrent called Project Veritas Exposed just went live and seeks to make things a lot harder for James O'Keefe and his pals by listing 149 known associates, their photos and funders.

This won’t help when fresh new recruits try to infiltrate organizations, but at least it’s a start in raising awareness of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, and their tactics. The Washington Post was pretty lucky last month when they exposed an O’Keefe operative who tried to snag them with a fake rape story using a real name, but it’s unlikely Project Veritas will be this stupid again.

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Lying, disguises and gotcha editing aren’t illegal, but the law hasn’t stopped James from crossing lines in the past. Seems falsifying federal documents and video editing in libelous ways ARE illegal, and O’Keefe has plead guilty, paid huge fines and been barred from fundraising in several states for his sketchy actions in these categories.

Lauren Windsor, the driving force behind the website and someone currently suing Project Veritas, has been battling James O’Keefe for years. She discusses the Trump connection to Project Veritas. Donald Trump is a donor, and Windsor makes the case that O’Keefe’s was acting as a direct Trump campaign tool. She says Project Veritas’ tactic of embedding operatives in Trumps rival’s campaigns, “is political espionage and it’s a major threat to election integrity,” and frames it as a Watergate style break in.

Here’s hoping this website at least raises people’s suspicions about that ‘enthusiastic young intern,’ and ‘dedicated volunteer.’ Background checks anyone? Maybe some more internal security? Social media scrutiny?

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By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more by reading “New Project Veritas Dossier Compiles Photos of James O’Keefe’s Known Associates” written by Aída Chávez and published by The Intercept on January, 3 2018.