It turns out, majority of Americans support many supposedly 'far left' policies

The “far left" is actually in the middle of where most Americans stand on issues.

A headline in the Washington Post read, “The Far Left is Winning the Democratic Civil War.” Yet, what the Post is calling the “far left” doesn’t seem to be all that far. Those “unelectable activists” that were called out in the article are pushing for legislation that many Americans already support.

For example, Kara Eastman of Nebraska had “advocated for universal background checks to buy guns,” but in a Marist poll, 86% of the people answering said they would vote for someone that pushed for the background checks.

Eastman also wants to decriminalize marijuana, a view shared by John Fetterman of Penn. This “far left” policy is supported by a majority of Americans in poll after poll. Not exactly a radical idea for the general public.

Other candidates, like Summer Lee, were called “card-carrying members of the Democratic Socialists of America” for their stance on Universal Healthcare. While a single-payer system is not as heavily supported as legalized pot, it is still hitting around the 50% mark in most voter surveys.

It sort of seems like the Post’s accusations of politicians being “far left” is more of a scare tactic that is being employed to stop people from voting a certain way because these policies that the so-called radically left Democrats are supporting are the same policies that a majority of Americans appear to be supporting as well.

Read more about these radical ideals, “The Surprising Popularity of ‘Far Left’ Policies” written by Jim Naureckas posted by Common Dreams on May 19, 2018.