Is Sweden really as bad as the American alt-right says it is?

It's worse. Sweden is hell...

Take it from Swede Mats Österholm, who works for the Royal Swedish Navy:

It's worse.

Sweden is more capitalist than the U.S., so beware. Sweden has no minimum wage, no property taxes, no inheritance or gift taxes, lower corporate and capital gains taxes, less progressive income taxes (only a two tier flat tax), more corporations per capita and no government bailout of failing steel companies or auto industries (R.I.P. Saab, it was fun while it lasted).

As a result, the economy is booming and we can afford universal health care, subsidized child care, 390 days of paid parental leave, free college and free private schools and one of the highest standards of living on the planet. It's hell.

Or, take it from a recent American visitor Rich Cassidy from Vermont.

I just returned from visiting.

Here is what I observed:

We did not see a single homeless person or panhandler on the street. Not one.

I asked several people what they thought were the most significant social problems facing Sweden and they were scratching their heads to answer. Some mentioned that newcomers were struggling to become integrated into Swedish society.

Everyone seemed to love their health care system.

Workers have a right not to be terminated from their jobs without just cause!

The architecture seem interesting and the natural beauty relatively unspoiled.

Men and women have liberal paid parental leave benefits.

The country seems prosperous and the people happy. People did not even complain about their taxes!

We could learn a lot from Sweden.

Why are we still calling it the alt-right? Let's start getting real and calling it what it is.