In Gen-Z We Trust. Move on old people. Meet teen activist Madison...

It's strong work ethic and persistence that makes change. It's marching with purpose, not petulance.

Madison Kimrey a 17-year-old from Burlington, North Carolina is an example of everything, (and more) what we hope for looking at Generation-Z, as the one to revive America. She is, at 17 already a seasoned veteran of political activism with more wisdom than much older American political "leaders".

Young people, especially those who may have, for the first time, decided to become politically engaged, need positive examples of leadership. From the White House, trickling down through Congress, into our state and local governments, from special interest groups, and especially on social media, young people aren't facing a deficit in poor examples to follow. When I encourage kids to pay attention and get involved, what they're paying attention to and getting involved in is of great concern to me.

High school and college students who are stepping up to bring attention to a cause are getting attention from local and national media and social media. Little kids are watching us. We have an opportunity to set better examples for these kids. I'm not a prude and have been known to use salty language. I've fired back and ridiculed the ridiculous. But I've also learned there is a time, place, and manner in which to do so. Because when a 3rd grader emails you from halfway across the country because she's doing a school project on you, the weight of that responsibility weighs heavily on your conduct. When a Kindergarten child walks out of school because she wants to make a difference like the big kids, the big kids need to realize the weight that rests squarely on our shoulders.

If the strongest language and arguments could make change, we would have had change a long time ago. It's strong work ethic and persistence that makes change. It's marching with purpose, not petulance.

by Madison Kimrey

To the people saying that students shouldn't be walking out but "walking up," I tried walking up to an AR15 and talking to it. No matter how nice I was to it I couldn't transform it into something harmless. ~ Madison Kimrey