Historian Answers Twitter Challenge, Proving Dixiecrats Jumped to the GOP

Kevin Kruse "put up" the proof that the #burnthejews filmmaker called for on Twitter. How you like them apples, Dinesh?

Tonight on Tales of Twitter Homicide: @KevinMKruse removed Dinesh DeSouza's spleen and feeds it to the birds." ~ @CharlesPPierce

Anyone who has studied the political history of the United States knows that the Democratic party saw a major shift in the 20th century, moving from the party of slavery and segregation to the party of civil rights and liberalism. To most this is common knowledge, so it is always baffling when the right tries to use this historical fact as slander against Democrats.

But when the hate-tweeting Dinesh D’Souza challenged Twitter to “prove” the party switch, historian and author Kevin M. Kruse answered the call with a thread of knowledge that put the filmmaker to shame.

​Kruse admits that 200 politicians is a very high bar, but he delivers enough names, dates, and facts to more than prove his point. He starts his list with Strom Thurmond, who jumped on the GOP train in 1964, probably the most notable party switcher. However, Thurmond is just the start of Kruse’s lengthy list, which includes:

Kruse then moves on to party-switchers that didn’t win their races for the Senate or the House. He also adds governors, state legislatures, and other state-level elected officials. He even gives D’Souza (and anyone else interested in learning more) a link to a book he can read to learn more about the party transformation.

It seems that D’Souza got schooled. Maybe the right-wingers will finally put that whole “slavery party” lame excuse for an insult to rest.

Watch this video if you are still confused about "The Southern Strategy"...