Hey Brit Hume! Remember! Democrats Hate Trump BECAUSE They Love America!

Brit Hume eventually deleted his Fourth of July tweet because Twitter came at him in a serious way.

Again? Do you remember the tweet elicited many thousands of comments, the most legendary of which came from Mark Hamill, née Luke Skywalker?

This time, Brit Hume, a Fox News analyst, kicked up a little ire on Twitter when he shared a post from conservative blog titled “Why do Democrats hate America?” Hume at least tried to soften the blow of his Independence Day tweet by adding, “Hate may be too strong a word but they sure don’t love it.”

Yeah. It didn’t go over well.

The Democrats don’t love America sentiment came from a recently released Gallup poll. The poll shows that Democratic voters feel less “freedom” than they have in the past, and of those Democratic voters polled, only 32% said the felt “extremely proud” to be American.

People on Twitter were quick to let Hume know the difference between loving one’s country and loving the current administration. The analyst soon had enough of the burn, and he deleted the tweet with a statement that could possibly be taken as an apology.

Read more about the statements, “Fox News analyst draws flak for saying Dems 'sure don't love' America written by Aris Folley and posted by The Hill on July 4, 2018