Head of EPA insisted on using sirens in non-emergencies, fired agent who refused

Poor Pruitt had to sit in traffic like a peasant because the mean old security agent wouldn’t let him use the sirens.

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, was stuck in traffic trying to get to an official appointment and wanted to use the vehicle’s lights and sirens to clear his path. The security agent told him that he could not use the lights and sirens just to get through the DC traffic because they could only be used in an emergency situation. Any guesses on what happened to the agent afterward?

Yep. Special Agent Eric Weese who has been with the agency for 16-years was removed from Pruitt's security detail. Weese was replaced with Agent Perrotta, the same agent that decided Pruitt needed to fly first class...for, um, security reasons, yeah.

Wanting to use sirens to get through traffic is mild for Pruitt though. Like most of the Trump administration, ethics aren’t exactly his strong suit. He is currently under scrutiny for a series of issues including shady real estate deals, punishing staffers who challenge his spending habits, his soundproof phone booth, and many, many more.

Read more, Agent on security detail reassigned after telling Pruitt he couldn't use siren for nonemergencies: report” written by Jacqueline Thomsen and posted by The Hill on April 05, 2018.