GOP staffers resign - more proof that Republicans are eating their own

The Republican Party is unraveling before our very eyes.

Politico is reporting that two staffers, Laura Kleffner and Krista Madaio resigned from the National Republican Senatorial Committee late last week.

According to three Republican sources, the women had worked for the House fundraising group in the past and used old passwords to break into a server to steal a donors list of 200,000. These lists are key to fundraising and contain details like issue preferences and personal information. A Republican fundraiser said, “The individuals on these lists are guaranteed money," more so than average PAC lists.

The Senate NRSC and the House NRCC do often work together and share fundraising strategies, but they compete for actual cash donors. The GOP Senate has been behind in fundraising with only 4 million on hand, while the House has been rolling in the donors with 40 million to spend. The snatching of this fertile donors list comes as the targeted House group with more cash, faces much tougher races coming in 2018 than their cash strapped Senate counterparts.

Seems like the GOP is eating their own. House fundraisers are infuriated at the desperate move by their Senate counterparts. A Republican donor said the theft from has been all the gossip in GOP fundraising circles and the House NRCC is "really pissed...they're supposed to be on the same team."

To learn more about this fascinating story, read "NRSC staffers resign after digital break-in" by Kevin Robillard, published by Politico on December 4, 2017.

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