GOP Rep upset about Obama photo plans bill forcing post offices to display Trump

I guess no one should plan on eating before they go to mail their letters now.

Republican Representative Dan Donovan has plans to introduce a piece of legislation that will require U.S. Postal Service offices to display photos of the president and vice president hanging side-by-side. Why, one might ask, is this a necessary piece of legislation to focus on when there are actual problems that could be addressed? Obama. Because of Obama.

A concerned do-gooder from Staten Island informed Rep. Donovan that the local post office had the audacity to have photos of President Obama and VP Biden on display, but they must have forgotten to hang a couple pics of Trump and Pence.

Most likely the proposed legislation from Donovan is a gross attempt to curry favor and support from Trump. Donovan is trying to hold onto his seat that he won in a special election, but his contender, former Rep. Michael Grimm who just got out of prison because he committed tax fraud, is running an aggressive campaign to take it.

Whatever Donovan’s reasons are for proposing the legislation, does anyone really want to have to Trump and Pence staring down at them while they are just trying to buy a book of stamps?

Here's an idea: We'll display the picture, but only if we get to choose it ourselves. This one looks PERFECT!

Read more, GOP lawmaker to introduce legislation to mandate picture of president, VP at post offices” written by Rebecca Savransky and posted by The Hill on April 04, 2018.