"Good Guy" Kim Executes a Military Officer For Giving Away Extra Food Rations

The NK leader "loves his people" so much he had one of them shot 90 times for giving soldiers extra corn and rice.

Trump's new BFF, Kim Jong Un, had one of his high-ranking officers executed because he was giving out extra rations to coworkers at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. Evidently, Lieutenant General Hyon Ju Song, who was giving extra rations of rice and corn, was found guilty and was shot with 90 bullets at a driving range in Pyongyang.

Hyon Ju Song sent the extra rice, corn, and fuel to the soldiers at the station, but it was not approved by Kim who was quoted as saying, “The ideological poisoning that is personal idolization is corrupting the chief personnel in the People’s Army. We must nip the bud of ideological poisoning.”

Ordering executions is not a new practice for Kim. He previously executed another member of his military in February of 2016 for corruption, a defense minister in April of 2016 for falling asleep during an event, and in 2013 he executed his uncle by feeding him to a pack of dogs.

How did Trump describe the North Korean dictator again? Something about his "great personality" and how he "loves his people," right?

Read more, “Kim Jong Un Orders Senior Officer's Execution For Giving Colleagues Extra Food written by Vaishnavi Vaidyanathan and posted by International Business Times on June 29, 2018