Gay man Kim Davis denied marriage license to might take her job

Although he says his decision to run is not motivated by revenge, some are hoping for a healthy dose of karma.

A homosexual man who Kim Davis refused to issue a marriage license to is now running against her in a bid to take her Rowan County, Kentucky county clerk position. David Ermold, who is an assistant professor of English at the University of Pikesville, says Kim Davis' office illegally denied him the license four times after the historical Supreme Court case, Obergefell v. Hodges, resulted in a decision to allow same sex marriage back in June of 2015.

Davis' office eventually conceded and gave him the license to marry his partner, David Moore, but Ermold still isn't exactly impressed with the political trajectory of our country currently. In a recent statement he explained, “I was very disappointed in the presidential election, and I think there needs to be more integrity. I think politicians need to answer some questions.”

Davis was lauded as a hero and martyr by Christian conservatives after spending five whole days in jail for defying the law.

Even though Ermold says this isn't about revenge, that doesn't mean it won't be sweet to many LGBTQ advocates if he wins against this proven bigot.

To read more about the impending election between Kim Davis and David Ermold, read "Gay man denied a marriage license by Kim Davis is running to take her job" written by Heather Dockray and published by Mashable on December 6, 2017.