Fox maliciously lied about gun march to enrage Trump's ammosexual base

Fox described the teenagers who pulled off a this monumental feat as "disorganized" and "confused." Pot, meet kettle.

Emma Gonzalez, teen activist and survivor of the Parkland school shooting, doesn’t think that she and her fellow survivors are heroes even though they are directly responsible for the movement that has seen more than 800 marches and rallies take place around the world.

Gonzalez eloquently defined the goal of this weekend’s March for our Lives rally which took place in Washington DC and saw 100k marchers:

“I want an incredibly large voter registration turnout to happen here. I want people who don’t understand what we’re feeling to come away with this thinking, ‘I might understand this.’ … It’s incredibly important to us that we have really really strong voter education and registration, and that we have a lot of people who empathize, rather than feel apathy.”

Apparently, her explanation was too complicated for the Fox News team to understand though. The Fox & Friends anchors discussed the march, calling the teens “misguided” while giving them a pat on their little “meaning well” heads. Then they spent most of the morning celebrating their co-hosts return from maternity leave.

Another Fox panel called the Parkland activists “out of control” and likened the march to a “high school assembly.” They went on to discuss whether the “directionless” teens were targeting the NRA and Republican lawmakers.

News anchor, Leland Vittert, asked the on-scene reporter if there was “one unified message that they’re for” or if the teens are “just angry?”

It is hard to believe that the Fox News team is being anything other than obstinate and feigning confusion at the purpose of the entire event.

One of their own reporters even interviewed a couple of teens that drove to the march from Kentucky, the teenage girl was pretty clear when she looked directly into the camera and directed her comments to legislators, “we are not going to stop with this movement until we have stricter background checks, until in my own state of Kentucky you can’t just buy a gun at a gun show and give it to a child or give it to anyone you want. It’s so easy. Until that changes we will not stop.”

The message is loud and clear, Fox.

Read more about Fox’s confusion, "How Fox News turned the March for Our Lives into an attack on the 2nd Amendment" written by Alvin Chang for Vox on March 25, 2018.