I've read the article. Forbes made the right call. It was historical inaccurate, muddy in tone, emotional reasoning. It flat out claimed that all white Southerners were incapable of empathy. A high school English teacher would be appalled.


I think a huge part of why they are so cruel comes from Parentingt styles as both George Lakoff(Moral Politics) and Alice Miller (For your own Good) write about in their books. The spare the rod parenting and emotional abuse that goes on with it is terribly destructive to peoples mental health. We now know with the work O Kaisers ACES too High. That this kind of parenting leave people with life long risks of chronic disease addiction and mental illness depression. What these Evangelical churches really need is a twelve step recovery program that deals with Religious addiction

I have to say, having come out of and having been ordained in an evangelical (Pentecostal) denomination in the United States - I disagree with you. I read the article twice - and it seems extremely accurate to me - and, respectfully, I have a sneaking suspicion that I know the evangelical movement as well as anyone here if not better.