FL GOP Rep goes on InfoWars to prove he isn’t a conspiracy theorist

Matt Gaetz defends himself against being called a conspiracy theorist...on InfoWars

Matt Gaetz, a Florida Representative, had a recent appearance on the show InfoWars, a broadcast known for its conspiracy theories, to defend himself against being called a conspiracy theorist. Gaetz is currently spreading a story about a secret memo written by the House Intelligence Committee that proves Obama tried to spy on the Trump campaign.

He was interviewed by Alex Jones where he discussed the Republican attempts to have a memo written by Rep Devin Nunes declassified.

The memo supposedly proves that the Obama administration used misapplied FISA laws to justify Trump surveillance. It is likely that the main objective of the story is to throw doubt on the Russian interference investigation by Robert Mueller.

Gaetz defended the theory to Jones saying, “We’re called conspiracy theorists because we see this cabal right in front of us. We’re able to aggregate these data points and show what was really going on. The reality is we’re just looking at the very messages that the people that were at the center of the Hillary Clinton investigation and the center of Robert Mueller’s investigation were saying to one another.”

He went on to say, “And I don’t think there’s any dispute that there was extreme bias, but not only bias in their minds—in their actions, in their planning, and the things that they were doing.”

Since the House Intel committee voted to release the memo, everyone will soon know the truth either way, but if Gaetz really wants to be taken seriously and disabuse the notion that he is a conspiracy theorist, he should find a better pulpit than the show of a man that has pushed such nonsense at the Sandy Hook conspiracy or claiming the government is polluting water with chemicals that turn frogs gay.

For more about Matt Gaetz's Infowars appearance, read “Rep. Matt Gaetz Goes On Infowars To Complain About Being Called A Conspiracy Theorist” written by Jared Holt and published by Right Wing Watch on January 29, 2018.