"Few people actually run towards gunfire. Most search for cover. Some can’t function. Fight or flight. Adrenaline floods your body. Time doesn’t exist. Your heart beats outside of your chest. Fine motor skills stop working. People urinate and defecate themselves. Good luck holding steady aim at a moving target. Even the simplest of tasks, such as reloading can become difficult. Your hands shake for hours afterward. It’s chaotic on a level that is beyond comprehension until you experience it."

Honestly, the fact that we're even arguing about this is a sign that the NRA is winning. It's so absurd it will never actually happen, but if we're talking about this then we're not talking about actual ways to prevent these tragedies.


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Yeah, no one runs directly toward firing machine guns, we seek cover to be able to fire back. The only ones who claim they'll run into gunfire are those who spend too much time watching TV police shows or military shows, where the shooter can't hit those directly in front of him, or wannabee non-veterans who wan't to puff themselves up & look like heroes, like our non-veteran wannabee El Presidente, the non-veteran head of the NRA, and the loud mouthed gun nuts in the media.