Family Shame: Trump’s grandpa was a draft-dodging illegal immigrant

Trump’s own family tossed out of Europe by Royal decree because Trump’s Grandpa lied to immigration and dodged draft.

It’s been more than a year since historian Roland Paul unearthed what he calls “an unspectacular piece of paper” that “changed world history.” Today it’s worth examining a paper that reveals the depth of President Cheetos’ hypocrisy on immigration.

A Royal Decree from February 1905, shows Fredrich Trump, his pregnant wife and their child were given eight weeks to get out of The Kingdom of Bavaria, and never come back. Seems Grandpa Trump had not followed proper immigration laws. He hadn’t informed German Immigration he was leaving for America initially in 1885, and he hadn’t performed his mandatory military service.

When Grandma Trump became pregnant with Trump’s father she was homesick for Germany and wanted to go back. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that despite the great economic opportunities in America, the anti German sentiments of the time may have been too much for her. The Trumps came back to Germany in 1905 and played like they had never given up their German citizenship.

Grandpa Trump was just the sort of unskilled immigrant escaping poverty that Donald seeks to vilify. Grandpa Trump worked in a brothel, and would send money to his sisters, an early example of the ‘chain migration’ his grandson hates. Grandpa Trump had begged Germany for mercy, for the sake of his pregnant wife, and like Trump’s hardline approach today, no mercy, no consideration for human failing was shown.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Learn more about the Trump family shame by reading “Historian Finds German Decree Banishing Trump’s Grandfather" written by Kate Connolly and published by The Guardian on November 21, 2016.