Fake degree! Stable genius Trump does not have an MBA from Wharton

"Dean’s list Donald" wants us to believe he has an MBA from Wharton. Spoiler alert: He doesn’t.

Donald Trump has often bragged about going to the best college, and he loves to name-drop Wharton School of Finance, tricking people into thinking he has more education than he actually does. Trump did indeed attend Wharton...the undergrad program, after transferring from Fordham...

Why does Trump never mention his time at Fordham? Vanity Fair’s Kurt Eichenwald has a theory, “Trump always refuses to mention Fordham, because it is evidence that he wasn’t good enough.”

​Wharton’s elite business program (a part of the University of Pennsylvania) is highly respected in the US, and when someone says they went to Wharton, they generally mean that they attended the graduate business program. Trump’s undergraduate degree is a bachelor of science in economics, he didn’t even study business.

Eichenwald summed it up quite nicely, “Trump has no MBA. He can’t read a balance sheet. He’s just a guy who inherited lots of $ long ago and is so bad at business that no American banks will deal with him anymore.”

By his sneaky word choices, Trump the “stable genius” has led everyone to believe he has an advanced degree from a prestigious program, unfortunately it’s just more “fake news.”

Learn more about Eichenwald’s statements by reading "‘Stable genius’ Donald Trump doesn’t actually have an MBA from Wharton: report" written by Noor Al-Sibai for Raw Story and published on January 10, 2018.