Failing small business owners who voted for Trump feel 'tricked by the devil'

One former Trump-supporting business owner who is now facing financial ruin says they feel "so stupid."

Eddie Devine is a small business owner that voted for Trump in the last election, but now he worries that the administration's policies will cause him to go out of business. Devine relies on the H-2B visa program to hire 20 workers per year, but it has become increasingly difficult since Trump took office.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil,” says Devine.

Devine thinks the policies are not really about economics, as Trump likes to claim. “I think there’s a war on brown people,” admits Devine. However, it doesn’t stop Trump properties in New York and Florida from getting over 140 workers a year through H-2B. “I want to know why it’s OK for him to get his worker, but supporters like me don’t get theirs.”

Devine isn’t the only small business affected either, Trump supporters around the country are having problems hiring seasonal workers. The Lexington Herald-Leader interviewed several landscaping business owners, and they complained the were unable to hire Americans for the same wages they offered to H-2B visa holders.

Ken Morin of Morin Construction describes the struggle, “We live and die by these visas. Last year we about went bankrupt. The worker we were supposed to get in March didn’t show up until August because they couldn’t get visas.”

Read more about the plight of small business owners in the age of Trump, ‘I feel so stupid’: Trump supporters ‘tricked by the devil’ now facing financial ruin” written by Bob Brigham and posted by Raw Story on May 12, 2018.

Destructive policies as usual for the Disaster. In Chief. He needs to be reminded that he is temporary.