​Every childish tirade against Mueller makes Trump look even guiltier

An innocent president should “act like it” and quit trying to halt the Mueller investigation.

Trump received some very good advice from Trey Gowdy this weekend when the congressman said that if the president was innocent, he should “act like it.” Unfortunately, Trump isn’t heeding that advice, and he has begun attacking Mueller on Twitter. ​

The best thing for an innocent president to do would be letting the Special Counsel finish his investigation. An innocent president definitely wouldn’t attempt to fire the Special Counsel who is conducting an investigation into whether or not Russia meddled in a U.S. presidential election, even if said Special Counsel was finding guilty parties within the president’s own inner circle. An innocent president would want to weed out those people that were compromising the American way of life. An innocent president would applaud the Special Counsel for his 19 indictments and his 5 guilty pleas.

Yet, Trump wishes to shut down Mueller’s probe, even though he finds the work to have enough credibility that he has imposed sanctions on 13 Russians for their interference. So why does Trump continue to refer to the investigation as a witch hunt? Why does he constantly refer to the Russian meddling as “a hoax?” Why does he claim that Mueller’s team consists of “hardened Democrats?”

Mueller just so happens to be a registered Republican, and thus far, his investigation has not shown even an ounce of political bias. In fact, when Mueller learned of some anti-Trump texts, he immediately booted the two agents responsible from his team.

Why would an innocent president want to fire this “superb choice” of a Special Counsel that is completing an investigation that is so obviously of merit? He wouldn’t. An innocent president would not want to obstruct justice and stop Mueller from finishing his probe into the Russian election meddling, but a president guilty of collusion definitely would.

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