Evangelical Trump supporters are literally praying for the apocalypse

Evangelicals pray for, and dream of, a nuclear apocalypse for Jesus -- that’s how batshit crazy these people are.

Christian Evangelicals don’t think like the rest of us. I’m not talking about abortion clinic bombings or abusive gay…

Evangelicals want the world to end in ‘fire and brimstone’ so that their Rapture will happen. That’s when Jesus will magically disappear the Evangelicals to the sky land, and the rest of us heathens will suffer under antichrist for 7 years. I spent 21 years in one of these Evangelical cults, and can assure you this is not a political game to believers. They see Nuclear bombs as a great option to bring about God’s kingdom. A nuclear blast will vaporize some people, (Rapture) and leave everyone else in the living hell of nuclear fallout (7 years of antichrist).