Donald 'Serial Bankruptcy' Trump hemorrhaging America's money at historic rate

According to Forbes, Trump might be "the most fiscally reckless president in American history."

Trump is looking for even more spending, even though he has already pushed the deficit to $1 trillion with $2 trillion looking likely. Trump is pushing for increased spending with no plans to offset the cost in sight.s tweeting for them to buckle down it isn’t all that great anymore.

Even though Trump has increased the deficit so much already, he is pushing for even more spending, with no plans to offset the costs in sight.

So, even though Trump isn't halfway through his first term, he is already the most fiscally irresponsible president America has seen in recent history -- or maybe even in our entire history, according to Forbes.

Basically, Trump’s plan when it comes to the federal budget is to propose whatever he wants (regardless on whether it is right for the economy), make up his own math to justify it, discredit any facts that contradict it, then ignore reality and the deficit.

Need an example of this process in action? Well, his tax cut cut revenue by $1.5 trillion and increased the debt, then he called anything contradicting his projections false (even if it came from Republicans), and now he is basically ignoring the rising interest rates and the warnings of an economic slowdown.

Mr. "Art of the Deal" is making America great again, indeed -- one financially disastrous decision at a time.

Read more about his irresponsibility, “Trump May Be The Most Fiscally Reckless President In American History written by Stan Collender and posted by Forbes on May 20, 2018